Energy production

Main references

A coal deposit operator and an electricity producer (Niger)

Office National de l'Electricité ONE (National Electricity Office)
Unique electricity supplier in the country (Morocco)

TAQA Morocco
The number one producer of electricity, with 50% of production (Morocco)

Spare parts

Supply and assembly of spare parts (superheater and steamer group)

Manufacture and shipment of elements to Niger, followed by mobilization of a team of 25 specialists for two months.

Challenges: Security, Tight schedule

Client: Sonichar

Location: Anou Araren, Niger

Date: November-December 2016

Maintenance of boiler walls

2014 -2015: Review of two boilers. Two one-month projects with around one hundred people mobilized each time.

In 2017: Supply and replacement of the rear and front walls of a boiler during the review of the boiler.

Challenges: Safety of personnel, quality and sticking to the schedule.


Location: Morocco


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